Thing #15

In addition to the video "The Machine is Us/ing Us," there are several videos on You Tube that you may find of interest on this topic.

Check these out:
Web 2.0
This gives more information about the concept of web 2.0. It's less flashy than the "Machine" but gives a good, solid overview.

RE: Web 2.0... The Machine is Us/ing Us
This is a response to the "Machine" video. It makes the argument that there is truly nothing new under the sun, including web 2.0.

Social Networking
This one is also a response to the "Machine" video, but questions whether or not social networking is having a positive impact on society.

Library Without Books?
This is about a library - the Transformation Lab - in Denmark that has no books. Talk about taking technology to the cutting edge!

If you find others, please post them on your blogs to share.

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